Friday, December 28, 2012

Zbrush Time Lapse and some Photography.

Among a couple things my friend went ahead and made a time lapse of a shield I made to learn hard surface in Zbrush.  I need to give proper credit to the original artist who concepted this piece but I am unable to find who it was. ass soon as I know I will post a URL to his site here. the video is about 5 minutes and not very good. Bu t id id learn a lot. I need to finish that Gong I started after this soon.

Also some updates to my Flickr collection from the winter of 2012.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 months 12 Projects

I have a lot of things to look forward to this coming 2013. for one the world didn't end so I will still hold on to the secret Mayan password until that day comes:). secondly I intend on releasing a game me and a couple friends are working on on the side. lastly I want to commit to complete a personal project every month. So i should have by the end of 2013 12 projects. on e for every month. I am unsure if calling my fully revamped and updated site my first project. Its going to come down to keeping it real simple and just updating it with my work from the last couple years or if I will fancy it up a bit. still undecided. until then though Feliz Navidad to all!

PS. some of the links here might seem broken but they are not. I am updating the blog as I use it. it should be complete real soon.

a little bit more of portfolio digging and planning for the website.
Hybrid XBLA 2012 -5thCell  Media

Friday, December 21, 2012

More Portfolio digging.

Going through more old stuff. 
The Agency. SOE. MMOFPS PS3/PC

ZBrush 4R5 Released!

This update looks amazing! Go gets here!

ZBrush 4R5 Released! « Pixologic: ZBrush Blog: "ZBrush 4R5 continues to expand on creative freedom with new features for sculpting, rendering and overall quality of life. These new features were designed to let you be an artist first and foremost, giving you more freedom to explore new ideas!"
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Alex Alvarez Foliage method.

Been looking into some foliage stuff lately. been feeling inspired to do a small render of my own. Alex's techniques on this matter are superb. I recommend checking him out. I posted a little snippet from his site below.

Alex Alvarez: "Forest Path

I’ve been obsessing over natural environments lately, developing my workflow for plants/trees and techniques for object placement. Maya, Mental Ray, Paint Effects, Onyx and a little Zbrush for the path. 110 million polys. Rendered with physical sun/sky and all miaMaterialX. Surprised by how many polys I can throw at Mental Ray!"

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Going through the Old Pfolios

Going through the portfolios since I have hardly updated it since forever. Here are some of the images I found. also programming my new portfolio to use lightbox and making it awesome and streamlined.

Lighting before
Lighting after

Tuesday, December 18, 2012