Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 1st Project

Well I am a bit late updating this on the blog but i did finish my website almost the entire way by the end of January. So I will call that a success on the first project. for this month although I see it is almost over my goal has been to re learn a lot of the basics of drawing and painting. I have made great headway and am enjoying sketching and oil painting. i am going to try and do some pastels and watercolor before the end of the month which i will post here. I have also enrolled in a beginners programming for games course online. noit sure how much ill learn from it but hey it cant hurt much. this course starts this week and spans through mid march so i will use that as a semi project for March.  Please go check out my new website. I still need to sit down and add descriptions to some of the images but that will come with some spare time. the link is below or hit my portfolio tab under my links category in this page :)

Here is a semi collage image i made form some of my work displayed on my site.
banner for site

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