Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mexican Talent

Being that the description of this blog is about the ramblings of a Mexican I thought I would get together a couple of samples of Mexican artists out there that are making a difference in today's design trends. this will be the first of many posts talking about this subject. I have 2 amazing artists prepared for you.

First we have the very talented Sabrina Guzman.
Sabrina is a fashion designer who is very into the costume design and character development through fashion. she is currently working on getting an online presence up with a blog for people who want to dress chic with their current wardrobe or very cheap alternatives to high priced designer pieces. Also she is competing with the top 50 from the world in an origami like design technique. check out some of her work below. follow her on facebook while she gets a more formal site up.

Second we have Mariana Galindo.
Mariana is a make up artist based in Mexico City whos work i recently came across. what struck me was the unconventional stuff she has as her personal projects. She is the founder of MG Makeup and has a great portfolio showing all the style ranges she can do with makeup. One of the things I like about her work is how she manages to draw attention to an otherwise under rated craft. following her and reading her comments about good and bad make up design makes for interesting considerations when you know almost nothing on a subject. Follow her at facebook or go directly to MG Makeup and see for yourself.


as you see there is a diverse pool of disciplines to draw from for exploration, reference or inspiration. I hope to bring more and more of these to you and help expose some amazing people along the way. if you have suggestions on people message me :) also i hope to better the format of this so you can get a lot more information about the person and their craft.

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